What is the difference between Full Time Agents and Flex Agents?

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Desk has two different types of Agents, a Full Time Agent and a Flex Agent.

Full Time Agent is one that you buy a monthly license for (pricing varies based on your plan and whether you pay annually or monthly). That Agent can login to Desk as much as he or she wants during the course of the month and there are no additional charges for doing so.

Flex Agent is available on our Pro and Business plans only. A Flex Agent allows you to have an Agent that pays hourly to login (pricing varies based on your plan and how many Flex Hours you pre-pay for). This allows you to setup someone like your CEO that may only want to login for a few minutes here and there to check in on cases.

Full Time Agent can have any Role that you'd like, ranging from Agent to Billing Administrator. The Roles are outlined here.

A Flex Agent can only be that, an Agent. A Flex Agent cannot be an Admin or have access to any part of Desk other than the Agent Desktop (both Classic and Next Gen).