How are Flex Agents billed?

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Flex Agents use Flex hours, which are pre-paid in bundles on a monthly basis. Depending on how many you or your Admin have pre-paid, their cost varies.

The actual usage of Flex Agents is based on their logins. Each session is rounded up to the nearest five minute increment. Meaning if your Flex Agent logs in for 2 minutes, their session will be recorded as 5 minutes.

At the end of the month, all of your 5 minute increments are tallied up into a total hour amount. That amount is then deducted from your pre-paid hourly balance.

If your Flex Agents are using our iOS or Android apps, usage will only accrue when the app is being used. If your Agent opens the app, logs in, and then locks their device, usage will stop being tracked.

If they open the app and leave it to work in some other app, usage will stop being tracked. 

The apps are smart enough to know when they're being actively used and Flex hours are only logged during that time.

Please do not use flex agent accounts to access or use the API. Each API request will result in accrued usage and may result in additional charges on your bill. Always use an agent with a full time license when accessing the API.