Customer Merge

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NOTE: This article is about a Next Gen Agent console feature. There is a separate article for Classic Agent Customer Merge functionality.


To help your agents keep things tidy, offers the Customer Merge feature. Customer Merge allows you to merge two different customer records into a single customer record, which brings together all of the current and historical records from both of the original customer records. This article explains how to do this using the Customer Merge feature. 

Oftentimes, a single customer will end up with more than one customer record in your instance. This can be confusing because their cases will spread across multiple customer records. Your agents might have difficulty knowing which customer record to use. One way this can happen, for example, is when a customer sends in an email case and then later Tweets a case to your organization. If the original customer record (from the email) isn't merged with the customer's Twitter account, a new account will be created for the new "unknown" Twitter user. This can also happen when the same customer writes cases in from two different email addresses.  

Example: Let’s say an agent recognizes that the same customer has made multiple inquiries for the same or similar issues, but from different email addresses (see, below).

The agent can merge two different customer records together that represent the same person.

How to Perform a Customer Merge

1. Open a case from the customer you want to merge. Next, click the 'merge this customer' link at the bottom of the left navigation panel (see, below).
2. Begin typing the customer name into the search bar (see, below) and select the customer from the dropdown.

3. Confirm that you want to merge the two customers (see, below). Click ‘Continue.’

4. If the customers you are merging have any mismatched information (see, below), choose which information to keep. Click 'Continue.'

5. Next, click ‘Complete Merge’ to finalize the merge (see, below).
Note: A customer merge CANNOT be undone.

6. After completing the customer merge (see, below), you may see the Customer Merge In Process message. Click ‘Okay, got it’ to proceed.

 7. Once the customers have been merged (see, below), you will see the modified Customer name(s) in the agent Inbox.

8. Going forward, customer replies to either case will be funneled to the newly merged Customer.