Desk Connect: Syncing with a Salesforce Person Account

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If a Person Account is selected as the default record type in the Admin, new customers in Desk will be created as Person Accounts in Salesforce. If a Person Account is created in Salesforce, it will create a Customer and a Company with the same name and be linked to the Customer record in Desk.

Once enabled, if a Customer record is created in, it will create a linked Person Account record in Salesforce.

How to Sync a Person Account

  1. To use this feature, you must first enable Desk Connect.
  2. In your account, go to: Admin Settings Desk Connect Settings.
  3. Select the 'Company' tab.
  4. Under Desk to Salesforce, select 'Person Accounts' from the Default Record Type dropdown. Note: You must have Person Accounts enabled in Salesforce to see the option to select the Default Record Type. 

  1. Click 'Save'. Now Person Accounts in Desk will automatically be synced with those in Salesforce.