Forwarding Cases from to External Email Addresses

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Note: This is an article that references the Classic Agent console. There is a Next Generation version of this article. See Case Forwarding.


Often times, agents will find they need assistance from an external party when dealing with a case. They may need to coordinate with a partner, an accounts team or even a team from another company in order to help resolve a customer case. The capability allows you to extend your use of beyond the agents who typically use the Classic Agent console and raise the visibility of cases elsewhere in the company.

Enabling Case Forwarding

Your Administrator can enable Case Forwarding by going to Admin > Cases > Agents. Toggle the setting to "on" as shown in this graphic

Forwarding a Case from

Once forwarding is enabled in your site, you'll see a rightward-facing arrow icon at the top of an open case.

Clicking the icon will open a dialog like the one below:

Enter the email to which you'd like to deliver the case information and any additional notes you'd like to add to the case. The format and content of this email sent by the system is established in the Forward Template - you can create or edit an existing Forward Template at Admin > Cases > Cases > Forward Themes.

Note: For further information about how case forwarding works or if you are experiencing issues with delivery of Forwarded Case emails, please check out this article: Case Forwarding & Sending Email: Configuration and Troubleshooting