Using the Portal Users page

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The Portal Users page allows you to view and manage customer login profiles that have registered for your Support Center (Private Access). From this page you can search for users, check their registration status, and manually verify their account. 

Setting Up Private Access

To view the Portal Users feature, you will need to enable Private Access for your site and set the Authentication Method to (Use Desk's or Social). Please follow the instructions here before continuing.

Page Functionality

To view the portal users, navigate to Admin > Channels > Support Center > Portal Users. The page will be blank by default. To find a registered portal user, search for their email address using the search bar at the top right. 

Note that you are not provided with a list of users. You search on a per user basis. 


This will return the user’s name, email address and other information depending on the status of their portal registration. When a customer has requested an account, it will display a verification link. 

The customer can verify their account using the link within an email sent to them or it can be manually verified by an Admin using this link.

When an account has been verified, the link will be removed and instead it will show the date of verification.

Reset Password Link

The other feature offered by this page is the ability to reset the customer’s password. First, go to your support center’s login page and click the Forgot your Password? link. Enter the customer’s email address to send them the password reset email. 

Now when you view the customer on the Portal Users page, you will see the link to reset the password.

Following this link will allow you to set the customer’s password. Often this is sent to the customer if they are having problems receiving the reset email.