Understanding Desk.com's Terminology In Relation To Other Helpdesk Tools

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This Article is designed to help you understand the terminology Desk uses compared to other popular platforms.

Admin Section

Triggers or Observers in other products can be used to trigger a specific action. In Desk, we use Rules for many functions including triggering specific actions. An example of a Desk trigger is an Auto-Acknowledgement Rule or a Case Assignment Notification Rule.

Automations in other products are Rules in Desk, which automate processes such as assigning Agents and Groups, or adding Labels.

Dispatches in other products are called Inbound Interaction Rules in Desk.

There are three types of Custom Fields in Desk compared to other products:
  1. Company Custom Fields = Organization Fields
  2. Customer Custom Fields = User Fields
  3. Case Custom Fields = Ticket Fields
Views or Filters within Desk are used by Agents for separating out Cases using different criteria.
When setting up a help desk platform, an Admin may have the option to set a Schedule. This is simply the operating hours of a business. In Desk, this is called Business Hours.

In Desk, Time Rules are not event triggered but are executed in intervals to check case conditions. Other products may call these Supervisor Rules.

Templates are used in most customer software support. One example from Desk is the Reply Theme, which is called a Reply Template in other products.

Customer Support

Desk uses Q&A to support customers.  Other products call their Q&A Forum. Knowledge Articles in Desk are sometimes referred to as Solutions in other products.

Agent Desktop

There aren't many differences when it comes to the Agent Desktop. Most terms are the same or similar and should be easy enough for Agents to get used to; however, some platforms have a Requester on each Case. In Desk, we call this the Customer

Case View

Within the Case View, there aren't many differences besides the look and feel. Some other platforms use Tags to quickly mark Cases. In Desk, you can use Labels to do the same thing. Tickets in other products are called Cases in Desk.

In Desk, case statuses can be New, Open, Pending, or Resolved. Other products use terminology such as Open, Pending, Resolved, Closed, Waiting on Customer, or Waiting on Third Party.