How do I translate List custom fields (dropdowns) on my email form?

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Desk support centers are multi-lingual, meaning you are able to translate both your knowledge base content and snippets. However, one limitation of multi-lingual is you are not able to translate dropdown values on your support center contact form.

What are snippets?

A snippet is a user interface string such as 'Browse by Topic', 'View All', or 'Email Us' used within a Desk theme, most commonly your support center web theme. Desk comes with around 300 snippets out of the box and you can create your own. For more information on snippets, click here.

For example, if your Desk support center contact form has a Case Category dropdown with options General, Technical, and Billing, if the user switches to a non-English language (.e.g. French) the dropdown will still have the english values General, Technical, and Billing.

Fortunately, there is a work-around! First, let's look at how your support center contact form code probably looks like currently:

Our ultimate goal is to insert snippets as the Option text but leave the English text as the value for each Option so the field properly sets when the form submits.

First, navigate to Admin > Content > Snippets and create a custom snippet for each option ("General", "Technical", "Billing"). Be sure to include translations for each. Then, replace your code with the Liquid variable you specified. For example:

That's it! Your customers will see the translated label text and the correct English value will set when the form submits. Your agents working in Desk will see the field and field value in English.