Creating a Video Support Center

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You may have noticed Desk's Video Support center, featuring a playlist with categories and a video player. How did we do it? Using Desk Brands, Topics, Articles, and a bit of clever templating code!

We wanted to publish a basic guide with sample code for customers interested in building a similar experience. This guide assumes you're already familiar with the Desk Admin and comfortable creating a custom web theme with the sample code we provided.

  1. Create a brand called "Video Support".
  2. For every category of video you'd like to have (i.e. Product Overviews, How To, Community Videos), create a topic.
  3. For every video you have, create an article. In the body of the article, put the video description, or leave the article body blank.
  4. In the keywords of the article, use one of the following:
    • YouTube: yid=cNJmMqE_Io4, any other keyword I want, anything, example
    • Vimeo: vid=102675116, any other keyword I want, example, video, test
  5. Create a new web theme named "Video Brand" in your "Video Support" brand.
  6. Edit your new web theme video Advanced Themes editor, switch to "Page (Index)" section, and paste in this sample code.
  7. Save and preview

At this point, you should have a simple, working Video Support portal. From here, you can add styling to better match your brand or, if you're feeling ambitious and want a single code base for your support center, you can work this code into your existing shared web theme with some supporting liquid conditional logic.