Business Insights Standard Dashboard

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Want to see how your business is doing at a mere glance? With's Business Insights Standard Dashboard, you get widgets that track key performance indicators across your customer service center. Use widgets to identify trends, monitor agent efficiency, and view case handling metrics.

Use the Business Insights Standard Dashboard and make solid business decisions based on real-time data.

Guesswork is for amateurs! You're a pro. You're using 


Note:  Thinking about an upgrade? Business Plus users have access to the Business Insights Customizable Dashboard.


Viewing your Business Insights Dashboard

Note : If your site is on the Pro plan or above, the Dashboard is the default report when loading Business Insights.

Business Insights can be accessed from either the Desk Admin or Agent interfaces. 

In the top left corner, select the Admin/Agent drop-down, then select 'Business Insights' in the left navigation panel.




If you are already in Business Insights viewing a different report other than the Dashboard, simply select the report type drop-down menu, then select 'Dashboard'. 


The Dashboard should look something like this.

Business Insights Dashboard Report for

Dashboard Widgets

The Standard Dashboard comes with 9 widgets pre-configured. If you want to re-arrange, add additional widgets or customize the widgets, you will need to upgrade to the Business plan which includes a Customizable Dashboard.

Note: Each widget has an 'i' icon next to the widget title, providing a description of what the widget displays.

Cases by Filter

The top seven filters as configured in Admin. To change the order, navigate to Admin > Cases > Filters.

Case Volume Today by Channel

The number of cases that have been created in each Channel over the last 6 hours.

Top Labels

The top 5 most popular Labels applied to cases over the last 24 hours.

Top Macros

The top 5 most popular Macros applied to cases over the last 24 hours.

Top Agents

The top performing agents, measured by the total number of times an agent resolves a case. Note: A single case can be resolved multiple times.


Average Time to First Response

Average Time of First Response (minutes) to a case, shown by each hour over the last six hours.

Standard Dashboards or Customizable Dashboards: What's the best fit for your Business? offers two Business Insights Dashboards, a Standard Dashboard available with our Pro Plan, or the Customizable Dashboard available with our Business Plus plan. Compare features and choose the plan that best suits your business!

Feature Comparison: Standard Versus Customizable Dashboards
  Standard  Customizable
Number of Available Widgets 9 16
Move, Add, and Delete Widgets   X
Configurable Labels   X
Custom Fields   X
Custom Macros   X
Messages Sent by Agent and Group   X
Filter Threshold   X
CSAT Widgets for Agents and Groups   X
Agents and Groups Widgets   X
CSAT Top-100 Widget   X