Customizing Read Only Mode Portal

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On rare occasion during Desk maintenance, Desk support centers may shift into Read Only mode. When in Read Only mode, your support center pages will load as normal, however your contact forms and private portal pages (Portal Login, Portal Signup, My Cases) will not function. When this happens, the standard 'Email Us' link in the sidebar is automatically adjusted to a mailto link, pointing to your Desk site's default outbound mailbox address.

However, if your team has heavily customized your support center web theme (e.g., removed the sidebar and placed the contact form call-to-action somewhere else on the page), you may need to add a bit of code to ensure that when in Read Only mode, these contact form links point to your support email address instead.

If you don't have a developer handy and would like our help auditing your highly customized support center to ensure it's "Read Only Mode" ready, just shoot an email to and we'll check for you. Otherwise, take a look at these handy code samples your developer can use to customize how your support center functions in Read Only mode.

Custom 'Contact Us' links

If you have a custom call-to-action linking to your contact form, you can use the following code to ensure it's updated when your support center shifts into Read Only mode. Place it at the bottom of Layout within the Advanced Themes for your custom web theme.

In short, when in Read Only mode — and only when in Read Only mode — this code scans for links pointing to your contact form and updates them to point to an email address of your choosing instead. Pretty simple! You can easily adjust this code to point anywhere, including a contact form hosted outside of Desk.

Custom Message Using HTML

With your contact form links set up to switch to mailto links during Read Only mode, what if a customer finds a direct link to your contact form? You can use the code below to ensure customers who somehow land on your contact form while Read Only mode is in effect will see a custom message rather than a broken form. Place it at the bottom of Layout within the Advanced Themes for your custom web theme.

The result:

Custom Message Using a Multi-Lingual Snippet

Taking our previous code sample one step further, you can leverage a translatable snippet for your Read Only mode message by first creating a snippet "read_only_message" in Admin>Content>Snippets

Then, use this sample code at the bottom of Layout within the Advanced Themes for your custom web theme: