Getting Slack Notifications for New Desk Cases Using Zapier

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If you want to receive new ticket data from Desk as a Slack message, you can do that using Zapier.
You will need:
● a Desk account
● a Slack account
● a Zapier account


1. Getting your accounts ready
2. Connecting your accounts

Getting your accounts ready

To connect your Desk account to Zapier, you will need an active Desk account. More information about getting started with Desk on Zapier can be found here.
To link your Desk account to Slack, you must have an active Slack account. You may want to familiarize yourself with Slack formatting in advance. You can learn more about getting started with Slack on Zapier, go here.

Connecting your accounts

Click here to Get Slack notifications for new Desk cases.
1. Choose your Desk account from the list of accounts, or connect a new account.
2. To connect a new Desk account to Zapier, type your Account Name, or Custom Domain name into the appropriate field in the popup. On the following screen, grant Zapier access to your Desk account.


3. Choose your Slack account from the list of accounts, or connect a new account.
4. Type a Channel to broadcast the message to, via the Slackbot. You may select your own or someone else’s username instead of a Channel. This will send the message directly to this user instead of a channel broadcast.


5. Type the message Text that you wish sent whenever a new item has been posted. There will be a default format for the message preloaded into the Zap. If you wish to modify this, you may do so in this field.

6. Click Save + finish!
Now test the Zap to make sure it works. Once you’re satisfied with the results, you will receive a slack message anytime a new ticket is created in your Desk account.
Note: If you ever want to change this Desk and Slack integration, just go to your Zapier dashboard and tweak anything you'd like.
You can also check out all that’s possible with Desk on Zapier, and other ways to connect Desk and Slack.