Bitium Agent SSO setup

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Bitium is a platform for connecting applications using SAML authentication. Bitium can implement and manage Agent logins to and other applications in one central location with a single set of credentials. After connecting with Bitium, Agents can navigate to Desk directly from the Bitium interface without having to re-enter credentials on the Desk side.


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  2. Bitium as a SSO identity provider

Bitium Setup

1.   Login to your Bitium account. In the Admin, select your organization and then click Add An App.

2.   On the Add Apps page, search for and click on the icon. 

3.   In the Domain field, enter the URL for your desk site; either or your custom domain. Add the Email and Password for an Admin account for your Desk site. 

4.   The app should now be installed. Next we need to enable SAML for this application. Click on Manage Organization, then Manage Apps.

5.   Click on the title of the App.

6.   Click Single Sign-On.

7.   Under Select a Single Sign-On Provider, select SAML Authentication.


8.   This will bring up more fields.


In the Entity ID field, enter the subdomain for your site. The value set here is the unique site name of your Desk site. For example if your site is “” then your Service Provider Entity ID value would simply be “mysite." The unique site name is the correct value to use even if your site has its own CNAME.

9. Keep this Bitium page open, but DO NOT click Save Changes yet.

10. Open in another tab. Follow the setup steps below to complete the setup. Setup

1.   When you are logged in to your account, go to: Admin>Settings>Single Sign-On, then select SAML SSO.

2.   Enter an Authentication Service Name. This value is arbitrary but should describe to Agents the login option they are using.

3.   Copy and paste the Remote Login URL, Remote Logout URL and Certificate Fingerprint from the Bitium page into the Desk fields. These are specific to the application you created.

4.   Check the box at the bottom of the page if you would like to allow Desk authentication. Also allow Desk Authentication, when enabled, will allow Agents to login with the regular Desk login system.

5.   Click Save when you’re done.

6.   Now click Save Changes on the Bitium side. 

Once this has been completed, you will be able to login to the Desk application in Bitium. If you navigate to the Desk login page, you should now see the option to Login with Bitium.