OneLogin Agent SSO: Form-Based Authorization Setup

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OneLogin is a platform for connecting applications. OneLogin can implement and manage Agent logins to and other applications in one central location with a single set of credentials. After connecting with OneLogin, Agents can navigate to Desk directly from the OneLogin interface without having to re-enter credentials on the Desk side.

Note that there are two ways to setup OneLogin to log into Desk, form-based authorization and SAML. Form based authorization doesn't require SAML and is therefore supported on all plans. This article covers the form-based setup. The SAML setup requires the Business plan and the guide can be found here.


  1. OneLogin as a SSO identity provider

OneLogin Setup

1.   Login to your OneLogin account. In the Admin, select the Apps dropdown, then Company Apps.

2.   Click Add App.

3.   Search for and select from the results. 

4.   Choose a Display Name for the application. Usually this will be or Desk. Select Form-based auth in the Connector section. Save the application.

5.   Click on the Configuration tab and enter the Subdomain for your Desk site. If your subdomain is, you would enter "helpdesk." Save the updates.

6.   Click on the Users tab and select a User to add to the app.

7.   Enter the Agent's Email Address and Password that they use to sign into Desk. Click Save.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for all the Agents that will use OneLogin to log into Desk. 

Now the users will be able to login to Desk from the OneLogin interface. If they navigate to the normal Desk login page, they will still be asked for their credentials. 

If an Agent's username or password changes in Desk, the change will need to be updated in OneLogin as well.