Gmail Sending Quota Issues

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Most businesses send and receive a high volume of emails during peak seasons. If your business uses Gmail, there's always the possibility of hitting your email send quota during those extra busy times. 

Note: Gmail states their limit is 2000 emails per day for both internal and external recipients. Gmail sending limits in G Suite​.

Here's an error message you might see in your mailbox:


We know you want to be prepared for high-volume business! So here's a solution for when your Gmail account hits the send quota. By way of example, let's look at these two Outbound Mailboxes.

This is a Gmail mailbox with a backlog of queued emails that may have been turned off automatically due to multiple connection failures. These queued emails are not lost and, unless you cancel it, these emails can still be delivered to your customers without having to manually resend them.

If the Gmail account used for this first Outbound Mailbox has hit its quota, simply switch to another account that has not hit its quota. Let's look at how to set up this second mailbox.

1.  Go to: Admin > Channels > Email > Outbound Mailboxes and open your Outbound Mailbox. Change the From Email to your other Gmail account, preferably a similar address such as:

In the Reply-To address, add your original email address. In this example it is This will route customer replies back to the original email and thread the customer's reply into the proper case in Desk.

3.  Set the Username for your account.

4.  Set the Password for your account.

5.  Update and turn on the mailbox (if it was turned off before), and watch the queued emails gradually drop. Once the queued emails have been sent, you can revert to your original email account by repeating Steps 1-5 using your original email account details.

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