Importing Customers and Companies using a CSV Import Script

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This article and the associated links will show you how  to import customer and company data from a comma-separated value (CSV) file into Desk.

We have posted Ruby scripts to our GitHub page that will facilitate this process. Instructions for both Windows and Apple computers, along with the Ruby scripts, can he found here: CSV Import Script.

There are three scripts under the Usage section of our GitHub page that we recommend:
  • company_and_customer_import.rb - Use this script if you have company and customer data.
  • customer_import.rb - Use this script if you only have customer data.
  • createTestCSVs.rb - Use this script to create CSV files for testing dummy data or verifying the CSV format in your spreadsheet editor.
Note: CSV data must be in this format: CSV Spec

Please post any comments or questions on the GitHub Issues Page.