Customizing the Contact Us Form in your Support Center

Last Updated - Support Center has a Contact form that customers can use to raise a Case. For help with Email Widget that allows you to add a Contact form on your website, go to this article instead. 

Support Center Contact Form

Out of the box the Contact form gives you the ability to take input from your web visitors and conduct what we call a "Pre-Create" Search: presenting articles to users that might answer their question without having to complete a form and send you an issue - along with opening a case in your site. This article describes how you can customize the Contact form.

Note: In order to customize your Contact form, you will need to use Advanced Themes, which is available with the Standard Plan. To learn more about the different plans available, please visit our pricing page. 

Getting Started

If you'd like to customize your Contact form, visit Channels > Support Center > Web Themes and click Add Theme to create a new template that will use in your Support Center. Name the template with an easy-to-reference name, and begin customizing your email form.

Editing the Initial Contact Form

To make changes to the initial contact form seen by web visitors, enter Advanced Mode in the template you just created. Make your changes on the Email (New) page to change the HTML presented to the web viewer when she opens a form - and you can test this at

Getting to Email New Form

Note: if you'd like to skip the "Pre-Create" form, you can replace {{form_begin}} with:{{form_begin|replace:'/portal/emails/pre_create','/portal/emails'}} This line sets the form action for your contact form to bypass the "Pre-Create" search.

Editing the "Pre-Create" Form

In the same editor, the Email (Pre-Create) page manages the layout and display of the information presented to the visitor after a contact form is submitted. The default behavior of the form provides the top three results that are either articles or community questions related to your search. You can edit this page to change either the look and feel or the data displayed in the "Pre-Create" page. When they use this feature, our clients have seen significant increase in user self-service and have lowered the overall number of tickets created.

Editing the "Completion" Form

The Email (Submitted) page manages the layout and display of the contact form after it has been submitted. You may wish to provide additional information here, or simply thank the customer for sharing feedback.

Adding Validation or Changing the Validation in the Contact Form

This example demonstrates one way to customize the validation in the contact form. It shows how to add two additional fields (in this case, the fields customer_first_name and customer_last_name, which use the special value of customer[first_name] and customer[last_name] to pass these values directly into the customer record.

Adding Custom Fields to the Contact Form

For more information on customizing this form to add custom fields, please read Using Custom Fields Throughout the Product.

Disable Contact Form

To disable the Contact form first you can comment the link from the Layout page (in the same editor as Email (New) page)
{% if site.email_enabled_config %}
   <a href='{{}}' {{system.snippets.email_us}}</a>
{% endif %}
Second you can replace the contents of Email (New) page with the following code. The <url> should be your Support Center home page '<yoursite>' :
<script type="text/javascript">

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