Integrating Your Dropbox Account with

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Dropbox Canvas is a application that allows you to upload, download, and share files to and from your account.

Note: 20mb is the default attachment limit in Desk, but with Dropbox Canvas you can upload and share attachments greater than 20mb.


In order to follow along with this knowledge article you should have the following:

  1. A account in the Pro pricing plan or higher
  2. Heroku account
  3. Dropbox account

Deploy the Application, Part I

First, install this application by deploying the source code to your Heroku account. To deploy your application, simply click this button and you will be taken to Heroku (go ahead, click it):

  1. In Heroku, click Deploy For Free.
  2. Once you see the message, “Your App was successfully deployed," click, View
  3. On the Drive - Login screen, log in using your Heroku credentials.
  4. In the proceeding steps, fill out all of the following fields.
  5. Shared Key: In order to get the Shared Key, you will need to keep the Setup Application page open, open a new browser tab, then navigate to the Admin panel where you create the Integration URL.

Create the Integration URL

  1. In your account and go to: Admin >Cases >Integration URLs then click Add Integration URL.
  2. In the Name field, add a title for the application. In this example, we’ll you use "Dropbox."
  3. The Description field, though optional, is a way to give a general description of the integration URL.
  4. Select Canvas iFrame from the Open Location dropdown.
  5. In the URL field, you will need to copy and paste the URL from the Setup Application page where you fill out the General Settings, Resque Settings, and API Settings. Example: your URL should look like this: It should always have the “” subdomain. Important note: In the integration URL field, replace “admin” with “login”, so the integration URL field looks like this:
  6. Toggle the Enabled button to 'Yes' and select the Permission level.
  7. Click the Update button.
  8. After you complete the Create the Integration URL steps you will receive the Shared Key in your Desk instance. Copy the Shared key, go back to Heroku and paste it into the Heroku Shared key field


Deploy the Application, Part II

  1. Continue the application deployment process by filling out the following fields in Heroku.
  2. Adapter: Select “Dropbox”
  3. Password: Your Dropbox Password
  4. Domain: Your Desk site URL (be sure to add in HTTPS://).
  5. Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Token, Secret Token: In order to get the consumer key, secret, token, and secret token, you will need to navigate to the Admin panel: Admin >API >My Applications
  6. Click Add API Applications, add any URL within the Website URL, Callback URL, and Support URL. Again, you must include HTTPS://.
  7. Example: you can enter “” and click Add
  8. Copy and paste the key, secret, token, and secret token.
  9. Dropbox Access Token: To generate the token, go to: 
  10. Under Create app choose “Dropbox API" and proceed to App Folder
  11. Name your app (if the name is taken, that means someone else is using that app name). Within the Settings tab, go to: Generate under OAuth 2. Copy the code, go back to your Setup Application page, and paste the access token within the Dropbox Settings.
  12. Click Submit.
  13. Once you see the message, “Glorious! Your Drive application is set up," add it to the page layout.

Add It to Your Case Layout

Now display the canvas application on your Case Layout.

  1. In Desk, go to: Admin>Cases >Next Gen Case Layouts
  2. Find the Dropbox canvas application in the Integrations section on the right side of the screen.
  3. Drag and Drop the application into your Case Layout.
  4. Scroll over the left side of the Dropbox bar and click on the pencil icon to open the Edit window. Adjust the pixel Height (e.g., 250) and Position, and the order in which it appears in Case Details on the dashboard. Click Save.


Dashboard Confirmation

After you have added the canvas application to your layout and selected users, open a ticket and you should see the Dropbox screen under Case Details.

You're done! Now you can share files to and from your Dropbox account!