Case Assignment Notification

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Case assignment notifications make agents aware of a received case immediately when a new case enters your system. has a default notification rule that is disabled by default. If you enable this rule, it will send a notification email when the assignment of a case changes.

Please note that the system default theme cannot be edited. Follow these instructions if you wanted to create a custom notification theme.

By default the case assignment notification is sent to the agent is that assigned to the case. If the agent is unassigned, then the case assignment notification  is sent to all members of the group that the case is assigned to. If both the agent and the group are unassigned, then the case assignment notification  is sent to the Billing Administrators of your site.

Steps to set up a case assignment notification:

In this scenario, each time an Agent is assigned to a case, an email notification will be sent out. Here's how you can modify this rule so that it sends an alert to all Agents each time a case is assigned:

  1. Go to Admin > Cases > Rules > Case Updated
  2. Turn on the Assignment Notification rule.
  1. Modify the rule with the following specifications:
  • All Condition: "Case Assigned Agent has changed"
  • All Condition: "Case Assigned is not (Unassigned)"
  • All Condition: "Case Status less than or equal Open"
  • Rule Action: "Send Notification Email System Default Theme"

  1. Furthermore, you can set it to send out notifications only when a specific Agent has been assigned. For example:
  • All Condition: "Case Assigned User is Bob"

  1. Click Update.