Allow customers to search their My Cases page

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All Desk sites come with a customer-facing support center portal. Each portal has an optional Private Access feature that you can enable to allow your customers to signup, login, and view / interact with the cases they have open with your support team. This page of your support center is called the My Cases page and by default, it is paginated and cannot be filtered nor searched.

Until now!

With some custom JavaScript, you can extend the My Cases page to allow for filtering and searching. Once completed, your My Cases page will look and function like this:

Sample Code

Like all good things in life, this level of customization is not supported and a developer on your end is required to implement the change. But to get you started on the right foot, check out the sample code below:


First, login to your Desk Admin interface and go to the Channels section at the top. Then, navigate to Support Center channel followed by Web Themes. You can create a new theme, or modify an existing one. Click the web theme to enter the editor view, then click into the Advanced Themes tab. On the left, click My Cases (List) and replace the code in this section with the sample code above.

Now make sure to save your changes, and login to your My cases page in the portal to see your brand new Search tool!