Using Your Web form with the Outbound Email Address Filter

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Setting an email address in the Outbound Address Filter in your mailbox settings will strip that email address, so that when the agent goes to reply to a case, the email address is not listed in the agents work space as a TO or CC field.

A common use case is when you may have a web form on your site that you use to collect information from your customers, such as a Contact Us form. When this form is submitted, it sends an email to your company. The emails will always come from the same From address (perhaps and the customer's real email address is in the Reply To field.

A default configuration will create customer records using the From address. When multiple customers submit this form, their customer records in are combined, along with the "" address.

Solution: offers an "Email Address Filter" that can be used to ignore email addresses that match a certain pattern. You can filter email addresses by using regular expressions, or keep it simple and use "normal email addresses".


  1. Login to the Admin panel and go to Channels > Email > Inbound Mailboxes.
  2. Edit the mailbox that receives email from the web form.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Edit Mailbox dialog. You will see an area for Outbound Address Filter.
  4. Enter a comma delimited list of email addresses that you want to filter out. You can keep it simple by adding regular email addresses or make it more complex with regular expressions. In most cases, you can probably accomplish your goals by entering a single email address such as Doing so will cause the system to ignore that email address and move to the reply-to field to pull the customer's real email address.
  5. Once configured properly, you should find that each new customer that submits the web form will have her own customer record.