A Guide to Customer Satisfaction (CSat) in Desk.com

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Customer Service is one of the most under-utilized competitive advantages. Companies focused on customer service  use feedback  to create and retain happy customers. Research illustrates that unhappy customers whose complaints are addressed and satisfactorily resolved are more likely to remain loyal, and more likely to become a brand advocate than other customers. Maybe you've had similar experiences as a customer? Customer Service came to the rescue and wowed you. You told your friends about the excellent service and kept going back.

If you're ready to gather feedback and provide better customer service Desk.com can help.

Preparing for CSat, the Customer Service Rating Feature in Desk.com

Talk with your team about how you're currently tracking customer feedback. What kind of feedback is important? Out of the box, Desk.com asks one feedback question, “How satisfied were you with the resolution we provided today?” And, up to one additional question, “How might we make your experience even better in the future?” Talk with your team to determine the kind of feedback they're looking for, then fine-tune your questions, which are editable in the Admin panel.

Depending on the kind of feedback you've prioritized, you can opt to track satisfaction on a two-point or four-point scale represented by a set of smiley faces. Whether you choose two or four smileys, these images are editable. Get creative with your team and Change the Smiley Images used for CSat.

When you're ready, head into Desk.com and enable Customer Satisfaction. Go to: Admin > Cases > Customer Satisfaction. We've outlined the setup steps and customer satisfaction options in our knowledge article, Customer Satisfaction.

It is important to note that the CSat survey is included under the signature of your email reply, and not as a separate email.

Additional CSat Configurations in the Admin Panel

To track customer feedback and increase visibility with your agents, we recommend adding two filters, one for Positive CSat scores and one for Negative CSat scores.

Through an approach called Save CSat, agents are alerted on badly rated cases. As an admin you can set up a label and a CSat Submitted Rule so your team can identify these cases, review them, and work to turn that customer frown upside down! Steps are provided in Mini Workflow: Turn a Bad CSat into a Great One.

In addition to scores, you can track the percent of CSat responses received. First, create a new custom field such as CSat Response, with the data type of True/False. Next, create a CSat Submitted Rule to automatically set the field's value to True when a score is received.

To drive CSat responses, ask your customers for feedback. One example is through a macro quick reply. When typing a response to the customer, an agent can insert a designated CSat macro before sending the reply.

If you use Slack for team communication, take advantage of the integration with Desk.com's CSat. Learn more about How to Push CSat Ratings to Slack so you can increase visibility amongst your agents and boost morale when those positive responses come pouring in!

Business Plus customers can also take advantage of Customer Health Monitor, which uses recent interactions with your team in Desk.com to anticipate how customers feel, and identify which ones may need extra attention. When you set up the Customer Health Monitor, you’re able to customize it to your company’s parameters. You determine the thresholds of Good, Average, and Poor for each parameter and you can enable or disable each one as well. More details are available in the Custom Health Monitor Reference Guide.

Agents and CSat

Agents can track how well they're doing with customers on cases they're working by adding the CSat column in the Next Gen Agent Universal Inbox.

Agents send the CSat questions when replying to the customer's case. After the reply is written the agent simply clicks the Send, Update & Resolve button in the Next Gen Agent. This button updates the case status automatically to Resolved and sends the agent's response to the customer. If you've changed other fields or added a note, these updates will be saved as well. Depending on the response interval type you chose in the Admin settings, CSat will go out with every resolution or the first resolution. CSat will appear beneath the agent's reply unless you've edited your reply themes. The survey is seen on the customer's end, and won't appear in the interaction thread in Desk.com.

CSat Best Practices

Ask for Feedback. "Do you have a minute to tell us about your experience?" Either through a macro or by training your agents to ask questions during their interactions, let customers know that feedback is important to you.

AB Test Your Settings. Part of AB testing includes the response interval settings. You can set the interval to every resolution or just to the first resolution, then track the feedback to questions you're asking. Track which questions receive higher response rates or generate more meaningful, actionable recommendations.

Make the feedback accessible. By adding Filters, agents can view the interactions driving each type of feedback and track their own performance by adding the CSat column in their Next Gen Agent Inbox.

Brand it. Have fun with CSat! Customize the questions and smiley images to match your brand's voice, industry, and branding.

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