How to configure your Google Apps (Gmail) mailbox in

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If you are using a Google Apps (Gmail) account and want to directly connect your mailbox to send and receive from, there are some things that you will need to configure in Gmail prior to configuring the mailbox in the Admin.

1. Log into your Gmail box
This will ensure that you have the right username and password. Note the username and password because you will need this information when configuring the mailbox in the Admin later on.

2. Make sure the mailbox is fully initialized
This is probably more relevant if the Gmail box was just created, but you should check for it anyway. The bar shown below will either be at 100% or will have been removed from your Gmail mailbox. If you do not see it , you can skip this step because it is probably already initialized.

3. Enable IMAP
In your Gmail box go to Settings (in the gear icon)→Forwarding and POP/IMAP→IMAP Access. Set it to Enable IMAP and ave the settings.

4. Enable Less Secure apps
This is a requirement and there is no way around it.
Go to My Account→Sign-in & Security→Connected apps & sites→Allow less secure apps and turn it ON. Make sure the setting  saves.

Note: if you do not see the Allow Less Secure Apps box, please reference the troubleshooting document at the end of this article.

5. Unlock the Captcha
In the same browser where you have Gmail open, go to

You will see this window:

Once you hit Continue, you have approximately 10 minutes to connect Gmail in your Admin.

Before performing step 6, if  you have already created this mailbox in the Admin and had already made some failed connection attempts or saw errors on screen, give it a few minutes. If it does not start working you will need to delete it in both the Inbound -  Admin→Channels→Email→Inbound Mailboxes  and Outbound mailboxes- Admin→Channels→Email-→Outbound Mailboxes.

6. Add the mailbox in the Admin:
Go to Admin→Channels→Email→Inbound Mailboxes and hit the Add Mailbox button, and then fill in your Mailbox Name, Email Address, Password and Language (optional). Then hit Continue.

You should have a success messages, and the Inbound mailbox settings will appear:

For your own reference, the IMAP settings for Gmail are always the same:
Mailbox Type: IMAPS

You can also check the Outbound Mailbox as well at Admin→Channels→Email-→Outbound Mailboxes:

For your own reference, the SMTP settings for Gmail are always the same:
The SMTP Settings are always:
Port: 587
Use SSL: If Available

That should be it, you can now send and receive email in using your Gmail box.

If you received errors at any point in the set up process, please redo the steps or you can reference this article for more troubleshooting information.