How do I remove the Article Suggestion from my Email form?

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The default theme for your Support center, holds the code that allows your end users to see this Article suggestion pop up when they submit a case using the Email form:

This can be a very useful feature to have, as many of your customers may find one of the suggested articles to answer the question they initially had! However, it may not be a desired functionality for everyone and you can certainly remove it if you choose to. All you need to do is complete the following steps:

1. Go to Admin
2. Click Channels, then select Support center
3. Click Web themes, then Edit your default theme that is being used
4. In the Edit Web theme page, click the Advanced themes tab
5. Navigate to the Email (New) section
6. Find and replace the code:

with the following code:

7. Save your changes by clicking Update

This line of code sets the form action for your Email form, and will bypass the search that displays suggested articles before submitting the Case that was created.