How to determine in Salesforce which Desk user created a case

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When integrating with Salesforce, all the cases that are synchronized to Salesforce will appear to be created by the "Integration User". To see and report on the actual agent who created the case you can follow the steps below.
  • Create a new Custom Case "text" field in Desk called "Created by"
  • Create a Case Created Rule that will do the following:  Do Always Set Case Created By {{}}
Please see the below screenshot of the rule. 

When a case is created in desk, the liquid variable {{}} is used to record which Agent created the case and will populate this custom case field with the agent's name.

To report on this value in Salesforce it is necessary to map this custom field in desk to a custom field of the same data type in salesforce.
  • In Salesforce, under the Case Object create a new custom text field called Created By.
  • In Desk Connect Settings under field mappings for the Case object, map this field to the equivalent field in Desk that was created in the earlier step. 
To test this and verify that it is working correctly, manually create a new case in desk and find the agent's name in the custom field. Because this field is mapped and synchronized with your salesforce org, you can now report on the cases from within Salesforce.