Using Google Fonts in your Support Center

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This article shows how to customize the look and feel of your Support Center by using Google’s library of custom fonts using Desk’s Advanced Theme Editor. You can do things like apply a font to your support center and automatically apply that font to the articles you choose to display, and text within your sidebar.

Using the code generator below, follow these four simple steps to apply your desired google font to your Support Center:

  1. Use the dropdown, to select the font that you want to apply to your Support Center.

  2. Select the UI checkbox, if you want to apply this to the general user interface of your Support Center.

  3. Select the Headings checkbox, if you want to apply the font to heading text within your Support Center.

  4. Select the Article Body checkbox, if you want the font to apply to the text within the articles you make visible within your Support Center.

  5. Now that you have chosen your desired selections, copy the code that displays in the box below.
  6. In Desk, navigate to Admin > Channels > Support Center > Web Themes > Click into your Web Theme > Select the Customize Content tab > Paste your copied code below the existing code within the Page Header Content Section.


The screenshots below demonstrates how embedding the code you generate below and adding it to your Theme will transform your support center.







Need help making your Support Center look and feel like your brand? Check out Themes for Desk, a partner that provides some other layout options and provides services for more advanced design requirements.