How to create an email approval process

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How to create an email approval process

You may have situation where you want emails to be submitted to a supervisor for review and approval before actually being sent. This article will explain how to accomplish this.

This article will go over the steps to have a new email come in, have an agent reply to it, have the agents reply go to a supervisor box for editing/approval, and eventually get sent once it is approved.

1. Create an Outbound mailbox at Admin→Channels→Email→Outbound Mailbox called Approved . Enable this mailbox.

Note: You may want to rename this mailbox from "Approved" to an actual mailbox name once you have tested that the process flow is working. This is the mailbox name that your customers will see.

2. Create an Outbound mailbox at Admin→Channels→Email→Outbound Mailbox called Supervisor Review. Disable this mailbox.

3. Create a Case Custom List Field at Admin→Cases→Cases→Custom Fields called Approval Process  with your Approval process values.

3. Create a filter at Admin→Cases→Filters Called Submitted for Approval. All emails waiting to be reviewed will sit in this filter.

4. Create an inbound rule at Admin→Cases→Rules→Inbound Interactions called Set to Editing. Any new emails that come in will set the field value to Editing.

5. Create an outbound interaction rule at Admin→Cases→Rules→Outbound Interactions called Set Submitted for Approval.. Any new emails that are sent  by the agents are sent to the disabled Supervisor Review Mailbox. These emails will sit in the Supervisor Review filter until they are set to Approved.

6. At this point the Supervisor would review the email in the Supervisor Review filter. Once the case is reviewed, the supervisor will set the case to Approved.

7. Create an outbound rule at Admin→Cases→Rules→Outbound Interactions called  Approved.

The Supervisor reviews the email, and Approves it. They then Hide the interaction, copy the email, and paste it in. Perform any approval edits and send the email. The rule will force the email to the Approved outbound mailbox.

While the process  has some manual steps in it, it should give you a great way to review emails before they go out.