Adding Subtopics to your Support Center

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If you want to group your knowledge base content without having to create additional brands you can use this theme hack to add headings to create sections of subtopics.
  1. Install our Responsive Theme before moving to the next step.
  2. Copy the following code and paste it into the Page (Index) section of the theme using the advanced theme editor.

  3. Log into your Desk admin and go to Content->Topics. Pick the topics that you would like to use as headings to create groups of subtopics and edit each one to include the keyword 'heading' in the topic description field. 

  4. Put your topics in order of how you want them to be grouped. e.g. The first heading should be the first topic, followed by the topics that are its subtopics. Then the second heading topic, followed by its subtopics, etc.

  5. Now view your support center to see your new topics/subtopics layout. You can also do additional styling using CSS.