Setting Up Twitter with Social Customer Service

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Social Customer Service allows your support team to respond to customers on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This article covers the steps required to add a Twitter account in Service Cloud with Social Customer Service. By adding a Twitter account, cases can be created from Direct Messages, @replies and @mentions.


  • Permissions to Manager Users and Customized Application
  • You are currently logged in as the user for the Twitter account


1. Login to your Salesforce Org and click on the Setup (cog icon) in the top right corner. Click on Service Setup or Setup if you have only this option.

2. You should now see the Service Setup Home page with a few tiles to pick from. Click Get Started on the Twitter tile to start configuring your Twitter page.

3. Click on the checkbox to agree with Social Studio's terms of service and click on Start.

4. As per the prerequisites stated earlier, please ensure you are currently logged in Twitter for the account you want to add. Click on Authenticate Twitter then Next.

5. A pop-up window will appear. If you have pop-ups disabled, please ensure this is enabled in your browser and click Authenticate Twitter again. Click on Authorize App. Once authenticated, click Next to proceed. 

6. Select the team members in your Org to provide access to cases created for your Twitter account. Click Next once you are done.

7. That's it! You have now successfully added a Facebook page in your Org to allow your agents to respond to messages and posts, all within Service Cloud.

If you want to continue with adding a Facebook account, click on Let's Go on the Facebook tile and have a look at this article here. Otherwise, click Finish and you're done!