Troubleshooting issues with the Mobile App for IOS and Android

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The mobile app is a great way to handle your cases while on the go. However, if you run into issues with it, this article will give you some troubleshooting steps to take to try to resolve the problem yourself. The instructions would be basically the same whether you are on IOS or Android.

1.  Are you referring to the mobile app that was downloaded from the Apple store or  Android/Google Play, or the mobile version of the agent login website? If you are referring to the mobile version of the website, the next steps from 2 onwards do not apply to you and we suggest that you download and install the mobile app instead of viewing Desk through your mobile browser.

2. Have you tried restarting your mobile device since the issue started, and does the issue still occur?

3. Did the mobile app ever work on this device?
      a. If yes, what was the last thing that you did before it stopped working?
      b. Did you install an app and if so can you uninstall that app and see if things work normally again? 
      c. Did you perform a mobile operating system update?

4. Are you on the latest operating system update?
Apple IOS:


5. Can you try clearing your mobile browsers cache and trying again?


6. Are you the only user at your company experiencing the issue? 
      a. Can you successfully get it working in on another users device?
      b. Can another user successfully get it working on your device?

7. What type of network are you using to connect- wifi, cellular, or hub/hotspot? Can you disable that method and try the others and do you have any success?

8. Have you tried deleting the app from your device, and then downloading and installing it again? The proper sequence would be Delete the App→Clear Your Cache→Reinstall the app.

9. Does your mobile device have a power/energy save mode, and is the phone going into this mode causing the issue?

Android:​ (noted in step 1)

10. When logging in, are you entering the site name as or as the CNAME that you have set up in the Web Address field in Admin→Settings→Site Settings→Web Address?