How to get started Implementing Service Cloud

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Success in Service Cloud

With Service Cloud, you'll be able to continue to WOW your customers with fast and reliable support while keeping your own support team happy. The tools that Service Cloud provides will, not only allow you to keep working with multiple channels, but also keep your agents in one unified console for all case handling. Now that your implementation is about to begin, let's make sure that you're getting off to a great start!

Preparing for your implementation

You're ready to transition over and implement your Service cloud configuration. As we discussed earlier in Roadmap for Transitioning from to Service Cloud, your transition phase is the final step before launching live in Service Cloud. 

As you're preparing for your implementation, you'll want to focus your efforts some key items:

  • Understand the basics
  • Case management & Service console
  • Insights & Adoption
  • Engage with the Community
  • Help through Salesforce Accelerators
We're covering each of these topics thoroughly in our Success with Service Cloud resource hub.

If you're interested in joining a webinar for a more interactive discussion around getting started in Service Cloud, we recommend that you sign up for a webinar to help you get started.