How to customize business hour settings?

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Specifying your Business hours is very important, because it determines when your support team is available to handle customer cases. When your business hours are not properly setup in Salesforce, you may find that this directly affects and disrupts your case escalation processes. Why is that? Well, when you don't customize and set your business hours, then you're not directly managing your escalations that happen when your team is off and the support center is closed.

Let's walk you through how to set this up!


  • Permissions for Manage Business Hours Holidays
    Note: This is available in Salesforce Classic



  1. Go to Setup, and enter Business Hours in the Quick Find box. Select Business Hours.

  2. Click New Business Hours.

  1. In Step 1, give your Business Hours a Name. We recommend that the name you use, is associated to the location or time zone you're using when you apply the Business Hours. For example, if your hours are for a team in California, you would use the name Pacific time zone.

  2. Select the checkbox named Active. This will allow you to associate the hours with escalation rules and milestones.

  3. You can optionally select the checkbox named Use these business hours as the default to set these hours as default for all new cases

  4. In Step 2, choose a time zone that will be associated to your business hours.

  5. In Step 3, set your hours for each day of the week.

    • Note: If your support team is available during the entire day, every day of the week, then you can select the 24 hours checkbox. If you do select this checkbox, then you can leave the business hours start and end times blank.

  6. Click Save.

You're done!

Now that Business hours have been set, you can associated them with escalation rules, milestones, holidays and entitlements. 

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