How to train your agents, going from Desk to Service Cloud?

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This Article will guide you through preparing and training your team for the move to Service Cloud. There are some useful resources here and links to some helpful documentation to review before working with your Agents on the transition to Service Cloud.

So now your users know about Service Cloud, and they’re excited about all the cool things they can do with it. But do they actually know how to do those things?

You can use training to overcome the age-old user resistance to change, and you can build their confidence. Bottom line: Training boosts adoption.

When you’re creating your training plan, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Training goal What is the specific outcome you want to achieve with this training?
Trainer Who will conduct the training?
Trainee Who needs to be trained?
Training methods What will you use to conduct the training? What materials need to be developed?
Training location Will you train remotely or in-person?
Training metrics How will you determine if the training was successful?

Consider training your super users and have them help conduct trainings. This will save you from having the burden of training all users.

You might also hold follow-up training sessions or office hours after your launch to help reinforce the right behaviors and keep your users current. If you have a support team, involve them in the training too, so they can be prepared for user questions.