What options do you have for CSAT and best practices for setup

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With Service Cloud being such a powerful reporting tool, one of the first areas you'll want to setup is the ability to capture that all important customer satisfaction (CSAT) data. Below are a few options you have to get yourself well underway with this.

VisualForce Solution

This option is great for teams that want to build their own solution right within Salesforce. It allows for unlimited flexibility, but does require a level of coding skill to implement. We've built a custom VisualForce CSAT solution into the Desk to Service Cloud Trial. If you have a Desk to Service Cloud Trial and are interested in enabling the CSAT solution, have a look at our CSAT enablement guide.


GetFeedback is a 3rd party solution that is great for making sleek, custom surveys for all aspects of your business. It's direct integration with Salesforce, and the ability to install this via the App Exchange make this a perfect starting place for anyone looking to setup CSAT.

Get started with GetFeedback for Service Cloud


Fully Custom Built Solution

Finally, just like the VisualForce option, there is always the option to build out a small app on something like Heroku, that would allow you to capture and return CSAT ratings from Cases in Service Cloud. This would require the most amount of custom work, and wouldn't have any support, other than internally with your development teams.