How can I reduce the number of licenses on my account?

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The billing administrator will need to navigate to Admin Panel > Billing (credit card symbol) > Customize Plan and here they will need to adjust the license count down. Once the license count has been adjusted they will need to click save, review their subscription, and click Start Subscription.

If you are unable to adjust this number down, the reason may be because the licenses are already being consumed by existing agents. Go into Team / Users and demote or delete any agent that may be consuming a license. Once the licenses are free, you'll be able to adjust the license count in the Billing section. 

Important Note: Deleting an Agent's profile will cause all the Cases that were assigned to them to become Unassigned. If you wish to report on Cases in the future which were assigned to this Agent, we would recommend appending a Label to all Cases assigned to this Agent before deleting the Agent profile.

Please see the below article for more information. 


Removing an Agent to free up a license