I cannot login to Next Gen agent

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Having trouble logging into Next Gen? Try some of these troubleshooting steps to determine the issue:

Scenario 1: All members of my team are effected by this

Please submit a case to our team to inform us of this issue.

Scenario 2: Only I am unable to load Next Gen

  1. Clear your browser cookies and cache "from the beginning of time" and try logging into Next Gen again
  2. Try a different browser on this same computer.
  3. If this does not resolve the issue, attempt to login in using a colleagues computer.
  4. Still no luck?
    • Reach out to your IT team/netwrok admins to have them review issues with your machine.
    • Remove any plugins, add ons, or extensions that might be interfering with Desk.com
    • Disable any pop up blockers. 
      • A recent update to Google Chrome specifically enables the pop up blocker.  Go to chrome://settings/ ->Advanced->Privacy and security->Content Settings and disable pop up blocking.
    • Go to yoursitename.desk.com/agent to load Classic Agent automatically so you can continue to work while the issue is being looked into.
  5. Still having trouble after all of these steps? Please submit a case to our support team.