Our Billing Admin left the company, how can we get access to the Admin?

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If the previous Billing Administrator left your company and you do not have access there are two ways that you could handle this.

1. The quick way (preferred).

If anyone at your company has access to the previous Billing Administrators email account or gets forwarded their emails, then you could go to the login page and do a password reset using their email address. When you get the email, you can reset the password. Then log in to the admin and go to Admin > Team > Users and change the access level of the old and new Billing Admin.

2. The longer way.
For security reasons, we suggest that you use method 1. However, sometimes this is not possible, so we need to verify that you are in fact authorized as an admin for your company and have access to certain Desk.com related information.

We would need all of the following information emailed to us via this contact form :

​* The website address of your Desk.com site
* The email address and name of the Agent you want to be the new Billing Administrator (this person must be an existing Agent on your Desk site)
* The last four digits of your credit card on file
* The amount of the last Desk charge against that card.
* The billing address on your site.

Once we receive that information, we will review the request and make the necessary changes.

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