Why is my from address wrong?

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This solution is relevant for when you are supporting several email addresses and have an outbound email box set up for each. 

When your emails are sent outbound back to the customer, the must by sent via one of your outbound SMTP mailboxes. Each of these mailboxes have an optional setting for "from name" and "reply-to address".

Typically, you can handle all your scenarios and requirements by employing the use of an Outbound email rule for each email address you support.

For example:

Send via support-billing@yourcompany.com
IF ( Email From contains support-billing@yourcompany.com ) THEN Set Email SMTP Server Via Billing Support (support-billing@yourcompany.com)

In this case, the agent is replying to a case that was sent to "support-billing@yourcompany.com". When the agent clicks reply, the from address is now "support-billing@yourcompany.com" and the above email rule will be triggered when she clicks the send button.

You can create this rule yourself in the admin/ cases/ rules/ outbound email/. If there is no specific email rule set up for one of your email addresses, then the system will use the default mailbox for sending the email.