Implementation FAQ

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Can I customize the way I view my cases in Service Cloud?

Yes. You can create new list views and customize it based on a custom field. See this article for more details and step-by-step instructions.

Does Service Cloud have labels?

No, Service Cloud does not have labels; instead, it has Custom Fields, which can be used to capture the same information as labels and allow for much more robust reporting. As you are getting ready to migrate from to Service Cloud, take this opportunity to evaluate your labels to see if it makes sense to combine multiple labels into one Picklist or Text Custom Field.

Can I customize the Case Status and Priority field values?

Yes. Take a look at the first portion of this article for guidance on how to customize the Case Priority field. Case Status field works the same way, and can be customized by going to Gear icon | Setup | Object Manager | Case | Fields & Relationships | Status. Then, under the Case Status Picklist Values section, you can deactivate values that are not needed and add new values.

Can I make fields required?

Yes. Please refer to this article for detailed instructions on how to make a field required.

Does Service Cloud have dependent dropdowns?

Yes. Please refer to this article for detailed instructions on how to create a dependent picklist.

Does Service Cloud support multiple channel types in a single case?

Yes. Salesforce Service Cloud support multiple channel types such as Email, Twitter and Facebook, and you will be able to respond to inquiries from these channels right within the Service Cloud Console!

Can I preview my email before sending it out?

Yes! Before you send out your email, you can preview it by clicking on the “eye” icon right below your email, highlighted here:

Does Service Cloud have macro functionality?

Yes. You can see a quick demonstration of how macros work below. You can also learn more about macros from our Trailhead module: Service Cloud macros


Can I Schedule Reports in Service Cloud Lightning?

Yes. You can do this by going to a report and clicking on the Editing drop down to Subscribe to it. You will be able to specify the frequency, days and time, who to send the report to and who to run the report as. After subscribing, you will receive refreshed report results by email. Refer to this article for more details.


Does Service Cloud have an out of the box Dashboard reporting capability?

Yes, Service Cloud provides customizable dashboards. Pre-made dashboards and reports can also be downloaded through the AppExchange!