How to automate password reset cases using auto acknowledgements and inbound interaction rules

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Summary provides the opportunity to automate many of your business processes. One very common example is an email from a customer who is asking "How do I change my password?". An inbound interaction rule can be created to automatically send password reset instructions to the customer and resolve the case without any human interaction. This will save your agents valuable time so they can focus on other higher priority tasks and cases. Please feel free to follow the steps below to set this up. 

1: Create a new Auto Acknowledgement Theme with the appropriate message. You can lean more about creating and customizing Auto Acknowledgement Themes in this article: Customizing your Auto Acknowledgement. You can find an example here. Feel free to copy and paste this code into your new theme. Just remember to change the wording or the [URL] to something more appropriate to your business. 

2: Create a new email Inbound Interaction rule that looks for the words "password" and "reset" in the subject or within the body of the email. You can learn more about how to create email rules in the following article: Automating with Rules.

The rule will look something like the screenshot below:

As a customer, you can test this yourself by sending in an email to your support email address with the subject. "How do I change my password?".  This automatic process will save your agents time and make the whole team more productive in addition to keeping the customer happy.