End User Training and Adoption

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End User Training and Adoption
While you plan for your transition from Desk.com to Service Cloud, you'll want to leave time to communicate with and train your end-users, that will adjust to the new system. Also, consider your end-users' needs as well as address the “what's in it for me?” mentality during communications and training.
TipLook for potential system super users, who can assist with communication, training, and overall evangelism amongst the teams. This may have a great impact on your adoption process!
To boost adoption, start with an executive management team. If the executive team wants the organization to adopt the changes, they can usually make it happen. Don't forget that getting middle managers on board early, may also be really beneficial.
TipIf the changes are perceived as making it easier to meet performance objectives, managers are more likely to get behind the effort.
With the end in mind, you can organize and execute a successful migration to Service Cloud. Leverage the fundamentals of change management to plan your transition — involve important stakeholders early and often, define roles and responsibilities, draft your migration plan and timeline, and be sure to communicate and train all users in preparation for your launch.