Mapping Features and Terminology from Desk to Service Cloud Lightning

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Learning more about how Desk and Service Cloud Lightning compare? Here is an overview to help map these support solutions for features and terminology. 

Desk and Service Cloud Feature Components

Desk and Service Cloud Terminology

1. Basic functionality Service Cloud
Cases Cases
Customers Contacts
Companies Accounts

2. Teams, users, and permissions Service Cloud
Users Users
Groups Queues
Roles  Roles
Permissions Permission Sets
N/A Profiles

3. Labels, Filters, Macros and Custom Fields Service Cloud
Labels Custom Fields (details below)
Filters Queues
Macros Macros
Case Custom Fields Case Custom Fields
Customer Custom Fields Contact Custom Fields
Company Custom Fields Account Custom Fields

4. Rules and Notifications Service Cloud
Inbound Interaction Workflow Rules
Outbound Interaction Workflow Rules
Case Created Workflow Rules
Case Opened Workflow Rules
Case Reopened Workflow Rules
Case Updated Workflow Rules
Case Pending Workflow Rules
Case Resolved Workflow Rules
Case Closed Workflow Rules
Time Rule Workflow Rules
Notifications Email Alert

5. Case Channels Service Cloud
Email Email to case
Private Access, Portal Web to Case
Phone AppExchange
Chat LiveAgent
Facebook Social Channels - Facebook
Twitter Social Channels - Twitter
N/A Social Channels - Klout
N/A Social Channels - YouTube
N/A LiveMessage - SMS, messaging apps

6. Apps and integrations Service Cloud Apps and Integrations Appexchange

7. Themes and Layouts Service Cloud
Case Themes and Layouts Cases-Page Layout
Customer Themes Contacts Page Layout
Company Themes Accounts Page Layout
Notification Themes Email Alerts
Auto Acknowledgments Email Alerts
Reply Themes Email Templates
Support Center Communities

8. Reporting Service Cloud
Business Insights Reporting & Dashboards