How your agents can get help with Service Cloud

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We wanted to collect some valuable resources for your Agents in one place! This is a great article to bookmark as your agents go-to spot for how to get help with Service Cloud, as they learn more about the platform and seek out information on how certain features work.

  • Desk to Service Cloud Guide - We've put together a dedicated Guide with tons of great material that will help your Administrator as well as Agents navigate their way through Service Cloud.
  • Trailblazer Community - The Trailblazer community is a wonderful space for community members to learn from each other, and share knowledge. No question goes unanswered in this community!
  • Success with Service Cloud - This is a training program that will help guide you through best practices, basic Service cloud knowledge and access to recordings and training sessions. It's packed with great resources that you don't want to miss out on!
  • Trailhead - Trailhead offers some really good hands on training and exercises, that will walk you through how to best use Service cloud while levering a personalized and exceptional customer service to your customers. You'll want to take this Trail!
  • Webinars - Are you a visual learner? Dial in on a webinar that covers Service cloud topics by registering to a live session online.