How to Create a list view in Lightning

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You can create a List View to see a scrollable and filtered list of cass that meet your filter criteria. You don't need to be an Administrator to do this, but make sure the right permissions are enabled to give you access to this. 


There are some prerequisites to take into consideration, when creating and/or editing List views in Service cloud.

To create a list view, you will need the following permissions:

  • Read permission on Cases
  • Create and Customize List Views permission enabled 

To edit or delete a list view, you will need the following permissions in addition to what is mentioned above:

  • Manage Public List Views permission enabled

Create a List View

Here's a brief walk through of how to quickly create a List View of cases with High priority:

1. From the App launcher, navigate to your Lightning Console in Service cloud.
2. From the list view controls, select New

​3. Give your list a name and choose who can see the list view: only you or all users (this includes Portal users)
4. Click Save

5. You can now add and set your filters for this view, to make sure that only case records that meet your defined criteria will appear within this view. 
a. Click Add Filter.
b. Select the field you want to filter by, in this case Priority. Select the operator, the value and click Done.

6. Save your changes, to see the list view automatically adjust the results within it. 
7. If you need to refine your list further, and add more criteria, then you can use the Filter logic option. For example, you may want to only see cases with high priority where your category is set to Defect, so you can better monitor cases with high priority where the case was categorized as an issue. You will add another Filter, as in step 5 above, then select Filter logic

You can continue building off this list view, to create a List view chart as described here.
Please note that this is for Lightning only.

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