Classic console vs Lightning console

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When you begin your journey in Service Cloud, you'll find that you're presented with two options for the console experience. You can choose to work out of the Service console in Salesforce Classic or the Service console in Salesforce Lightning.

Similar to, where the Classic agent and Next gen agent present two Agent panels with different UI experiences, Service cloud too offers two robust but different consoles!

Although you are able to make the move from a Classic console in Service cloud, to a Lightning console in Service cloud, it is best practice to make your selection early. This will help your agents in the adoption process, so they can better assimilate to the new platform and user experience.

Interested in the differences between Classic and Lightning? This article presents a great overview.  

Let's take a closer look at a few key points!


They look and feel different, as expected! The UI experience holds many similarities though in terms of what functionality is available. 

Classic console looks similar to this:

Lightning console looks similar to this:


Both layouts have the ability to display navigation tabs, sub-tabs, related lists, feed, utility bar with various components and so much more. 

Some gaps in capabilities and features

Although the layout of both consoles don't look all that different from each other, there are some features that may not yet be available in the new interface with the Lightning console. It's a good practice to be aware of those differences, so you can better plan for which console you want to use for your case management. Keep in mind that even with a minor gap here and there, you can always and easily switch to Salesforce classic to continue working, it's a click away!

We won't list all gaps in this article, but you can have a look at this really thorough documentation that covers the topic well. 

If you're unsure of which console to start out with, Classic or Lightning, we recommend that you test both out before you make your decision. Use your Trailhead playground to create cases in both consoles, test out your processes to compare the differences to see which layout works best for you and your team.

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