Using the Knowledge Sidebar

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The Knowledge sidebar keeps agents connected to your Knowledge base while they’re working in the console. Agents can see suggested articles for the case they’re viewing, or perform a search to find more articles. They can use the sidebar to attach an article to (or remove an article from) a case, follow and unfollow articles, and search within Knowledge.

The Knowledge sidebar helps agents quickly find relevant Knowledge articles for their cases and perform some basic actions, such as attaching an article to a case.

Suggested Articles

Suggested articles are delivered right to the Knowledge sidebar, so agents can find relevant articles without running a search. Suggested articles are automatically enabled when Lightning Knowledge is enabled.


Search and Sort Your Results

Use the search box in the sidebar to perform a Knowledge search. If you’d like, use Advanced Search for pre-filtering to narrow the search results you see. To sort your search results, click the sort icon and select a sort option from the list. You can sort your search results by relevance, publish date (for published articles), last modified date (for article drafts), A to Z, and Z to A. Sorting doesn’t apply to suggested articles. By default, articles are sorted by relevance. If you go back to suggested articles or go to a new case, the sort order is reset to relevance.

Attach and Remove Articles in the Sidebar

Agents can attach Knowledge articles to cases and remove articles from cases using the drop-down next to any article.


Follow and Unfollow with the Sidebar

Agents can follow and unfollow an article from the sidebar using the drop-down next to the article. Following articles helps agents save articles that they want to read later. Administrators, agents, and internal employees with read access to Knowledge can follow articles, and they can follow articles in any state, such as published or draft. To let Knowledge users follow and unfollow articles, enable feed tracking in Setup > ChatterFeed Tracking.