How to Get Started with Service Cloud Lightning

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Service Cloud Lightning is the next generation of Service Cloud, specifically designed to provide any company, regardless of size, with a flexible, modern customer service platform. It gives you the simplicity of with a complete customer service solution that’s quick to set up and easy to learn right out of the box. At the same time it builds on the strengths of and can be customized to meet your needs today and in the future.

To get started we recommend watching this video to learn more about Service Cloud features and then take advantage of the other resources we have listed below, such as the free Desk to Service Cloud trial and Desk to Service Cloud webinar series.


Take a look at the published Lightning Roadmap to see all the exciting functionality being built into Lightning platform in Salesforce!
"Lightning Roadmap"

Start a free 90-day Desk to Service Cloud trial and try it out for yourself. We've customized it to give you the look and feel of Desk, pre-set up key features and built-in some data migration tools to make things easy!
"Free Trial"

We recommend joining our Desk to Service Cloud Webinar series. Take a look at our Webinars and Events Calendar to register for upcoming sessions: "Webinars"

Take our guided Journey through planning, migrating, implementing and launching Service Cloud