How to Export your Data

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Before you Export your Data

You don't need to export your data from to import it into your new Service Cloud trial or org. The team have built our customers dedicated migration tools to quickly move your Desk data into Service Cloud. Take a look at our documentation on using our Migration Tools now. If you would still like to export your data to have it on file, continue reading!

Exporting your Desk Data via the Desk API

All of your Desk data is accessible and downloadable via the free Desk API documented at This will require a developer on your end to create a script in order to export the data from your site.

Requesting a Complimentary Export

If you don't have the technical resources to use our free API, we can help with a complimentary one-time CSV export of your Desk case data. You can view a sample export by clicking here. We are unable to customize or modify this standard export. If interested in this one-time complimentary export, please reach out to and confirm the following:
  1. If you're moving away from Desk, please confirm if you'll be migrating to Service Cloud or to another platform
  2. The URL to your Desk site     
  3. The email address of a billing administrator of your Desk site who will be appointed as the recipient of the encrypted data export     
  4. When to run the export (we will run and deliver your data export as soon as possible, otherwise you may request a scheduled date/time at least three days in advance and we will do our best to accommodate)
  5. Data Loader format required? (If using Data Loader tool for migration to Service Cloud)
  6. Public Key for encryption attached/uploaded? (See below for Public Key creation steps)

After the export completes, we will encrypt and upload your data for the billing administrator specified in step #2 above to download and decrypt. Please have your appointed billing administrator follow the steps detailed here to prepare for download and decryption and let us know once you have created your public key. You will need to follow the steps in the instructions to either (1) upload your public key so we can look you up by email address, or (2) export your public key and provide it as an email attachment with your reply. We will not be able to proceed with the export until we receive confirmation that your public key is available.
Once confirmation is received, the Desk support team will then file a data export request on your behalf. Exports are usually fulfilled within 2-3 business days of the scheduled export date, but may extend to 5-7 business days. A member of the Desk team will reach out to provide an encrypted link for you to download your data export. 
NOTE: Please be aware that the encrypted download link for your data export will automatically expire within 7 days once you receive it, at which point the exported data will be deleted from our storage service.*
In the event that your export data is large enough that you are unable to download due to connection issues or file size, please coordinate with an IT resource in your organization to ensure you are able to download a copy of the data before it expires.