Omni Channel for case routing

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Service Cloud offers Omni-Channel functionality which can help Agents improve productivity. Omni-Channel routes Cases to Agents based on workload and availability.

Omni-Channel routes work through two separate processes.

  • First, when a new work item is assigned to an Omni-Channel queue, Omni-Channel attempts to route it to an agent. Omni-Channel routes work items by the priority of the queue that they’re assigned to, so the most important work items are pushed to agents first. Next, items are routed based on how long they’ve been sitting in the queue. The oldest work items are pushed to agents before more recent ones. (We’ll get into the details of how that happens in a minute.)


  • Second, when an agent’s ability to receive work changes (perhaps they come back from “away” status, or they finish another work item), Omni-Channel tries to find a work item that can be routed to that agent.


Console users can set their presence status and accept or decline work depending on your Omni-Channel settings.