Managing Change

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Prepare your Business

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Before commencing the move to Service Cloud, you will want to ensure your business is prepared for the move. Below are some useful resources to help with this preparation. Watch this video and take a trail to get basic strategies for managing change in your organization. Use this toolset to understand who in your organization will be impacted by change. Join a discussion with experts and other customers to collaboratively determine the characteristics of how to effectively manage change within your organization.  

Prepare your People

When it comes to a move to Service Cloud, it's important that your team are ready for the move and excited for change. Below are some useful resources to help with this preparation. Take the pulse of your audience to identify barriers and risk to adoption. Prioritize and develop a plan to proactively prepare users to adopt key functionality and processes. Watch this video on an effective communication strategy to help users prepare for change. Use this template to plan out a detailed communication strategy.

Prepare your System

It's equally important that your system is ready for Service Cloud and that the move will run smoothly. Below are some useful resources to help with this preparation.
  Review best practices and resources to ensure your organization is ready for the next scheduled maintenance or product release.   Explore highlights from the latest release and create your own release plan.